Best places to meet women in real life

Best places to meet women in real life

Best places to meet women in real life

Places to meet women in real life don’t limit themselves to cafes and pubs. But where do you search for girls and approach them while not being a creep and intervening in somebody’s life? Where do you get the most feedback because women expect to be approached?

We asked women on where do they like to meet men, and here is what they came up with:

1. Shopping malls

Women adore shopping and go to shopping malls to raise their spirits—they not in a hurry and have plenty of free time on their hands. Besides, shopping malls always have many cafes and eating spots. Where else do you meet so many women per square foot? A cup of coffee before a shopping spree is a divine thing and a ritual. You would only see that in clubs, but we’ll talk about that later. All in all, you can walk the whole day searching for beauties and find someone attractive for sure.

2. Gyms and fitness clubs

The world is your oyster when you choose to meet girls at the gym. You can always tell who looks the fittest and find a partner with the most attractive physique. There you can look at their bodies and watch these ladies train. Sporty girls work hard to achieve their perfect body shape and know their worth. It’s a healthy environment for meeting new people because you are united by one goal. Women who go there are exceptional beauties.

3. Cafes and pubs

Pubs and cafes are perfect places for a quick and easy meeting. Nobody is in a hurry or too busy, and the atmosphere is great for casual talking. If the place is popular and crowded, you will have more chances to find someone young and attractive. The chances of meeting an amazing lady in a café are much higher than in other indoor venues, including a club. Besides, a girl would be in a good mood because she’s having fun. A relaxed atmosphere and drinks are the best way to start a conversation.

4. Clubs

Some people adore clubs, and others hate dancing in a crowd. Here you can meet all kinds of citizens united by unwritten rules. The atmosphere makes you act differently because you would rarely approach people so frivolously in real life. Even the most modest girl turns into a sex machine on the dancefloor. Here you can see people open up, unraveling their darkest secrets. Maybe these strobe lights will make you see something deeper in a stranger, something that might even turn into a relationship.

5. Street

It’s tough to pick up a girl in the street because most people hate being approached by strangers. They think it’s redundant and unethical to intrude into someone’s life out of the blue. That’s why you will hear phrases like “I don’t talk to strangers” or “I have a boyfriend” from a girl in the street. So what do you do if you see a beautiful woman in a parking lot? Sure, you don’t have to stand there thinking every tactic possible! Just do something quick! One doesn’t rely on circumstances. Instead, they create possibilities. We go outside every day, so the possibilities of meeting attractive women are endless.

6. Public transport

Making acquaintances on public transport sucks because you don’t expect it the place to fall in love once and for all. But still, if you see an attractive and beautiful girl walking down the metro station or waiting at the bus stop, why not approaching her and asking the route? You can be inventive about the ways to approach a woman on public transport, asking for a ticket or pretending you see this bus stop for the first time. People also act disarmed on public transport because no one talks to strangers there, so you should try your luck and be one of the first lucky men to approach a girl asking for a cig.

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