Minecraft APK

minecraft apk award

Minecraft APK

Minecraft APK Pocket Edition for Android is a portable version of the popular game to be installed on different devices working under the control of Android. The players will play a miner with building skills and many more features. Free Minecraft Hosting in Pocket Edition offers unlimited resources to build your own world. We need to use cubic blocks to do many in our own world.

minecraft apk android
minecraft apk android

Processing of raw materials is not everything to play this game. When it’s dark in the world of Minecraft, we have to face dangerous monsters to start their hunts under cover of the dark mode.


The program can also be downloaded on this website for its producer or distributor.

minecraft apk award
minecraft apk award

Features of Minecraft Apk Pocket Edition


  • High-Resolution Graphics Minecraft Pocket Edition APK has high-resolution graphics and animations. That’s the reason behind this game that his best graphics quality graphics which makes it better than other.
  • Compatibility: This game is very compatible with Wireless game controllers and also compatible with Bluetooth and other game pads mods like USB etc.
minecraft apk here
minecraft apk here


App Name Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk
APK Size 38 MB
Install 10,000,000+
Current Version
Supported Version Android 4.2 and Up
Updated December 11, 2018


Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk Cheats Codes for Android phones

For typing Cheats codes in the game, you may install first the Cheat Code Keyboard. Copy your commands and insert into the Cheat Code Keyboard App.

minecraft apk download apkhere
minecraft apk download apkhere
Codes Results
Keep inventory when you die /gamerule keepInventory true
Stop time /gamerule doDaylightCycle false
How to find your world’s seed code /seed
Change difficulty to Peaceful /difficulty peaceful
Set time /time set 1000
Survival mode /gamemode survival
Creative mode /gamemode creative


How to install Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk in Andriod?

minecraft pocket edition
minecraft pocket edition
  • Firstly open Play Store App in your Phone Store.
  • The Next Step is that tap on the Search bar.
  • Enter the Call of Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk and press on Search
  • After this tap on Buy
  • Than enter details of your payment in fields.
  • The final step is that press on Install
  • It takes a few minutes for Install after this you can enjoy the complete features of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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