Best Dating YouTube Channels

Best Dating YouTube Channels

Love is an important part of every person’s life. Trying to find a couple, the main thing is not to make mistakes, no matter what kind they are. Prime Single Dating and YouTube channels where ordinary people give advice from their life experiences can help in this.1. Dating with Dignity

This channel is for those who have no opportunity for a professional expert. Marni Battista is one of the best YouTube dating coaches who tells about everything you may face in love. You may get to know about dating, how to spice up a relationship, how to find a worthy partner for life and many other things. This woman can masterfully use both own experience and all her knowledge in this field. You will definitely use her advice and get out of the worst problem.2. Simple Pickup

Simple Pickup is among the most interesting dating YouTube channels for those men who don’t believe in themselves. Guys from this channel will show how to get phone numbers, give advice, answer the most difficult questions of subscribers and invite sexy girls that can explain how to behave with them and start dating.3. Dating Laurel

This channel will teach you how to become a strong couple and turn your relationship into marriage. Here a variety of topics are revealed: from the first date to the crisis in love through which all couples pass. You will also listen to her thoughts about casual sex, one-night stand and more other things. At first, she answers the questions and then reveals a topic deeper.4. Emily Hartridge

If you look for some crazy blogger who can tell a lot of interesting things about love affairs in a funny way, then you definitely should visit this channel. Emily Hart is from London and she tells about many important spheres of our lives but in her own way. This girl is without complexes and tells everything as it really is. Perhaps exactly due to this, she became so respected in a certain circle of people.5. Succeed At Dating

This channel was created by the young man Alex Coulson. He is a professional in the field of dating who says that it is not necessary to go to special places to pick up girls. And he proves it. Alex doesn’t like when people call him a professional, he is an ordinary guy. So, he is like your more experienced friend who gives dating advice on YouTube. If you want to learn how to date girls, visit his channel.6. Hayley Quinn

Hayley made a channel for both women and men. She shares interesting and useful information with her subscribers that want to learn more about dating and sex. This girl will tell everything in modern and cultural language. So, don’t sit still and subscribe on one of the most popular dating channels on YouTube.7. Melanie Murphy

The Irish girl also tells her subscribers about such things as sex, love, and life. As you understand her channel is not only about what can happen between a man and a woman. Having more than 500 thousand people on her channel, she gives them a quite interesting topic for discussion.